3D Mailbox : Where your emails are hot babes in bikinis

3d mailbox
If you ever want to see a *really* bad idea portrayed in a 3D image then look no further, I have found one. It’s called 3D Mailbox. The email application aims to “bring life to your email”.

It looks like a normal email client with the exception of a display area at the top, which is the virtual world of emails.

Your emails being checked by a bouncer (spam filter).

Each email is a hot babe swimming around in bikinis. They keep on swimming until you read it.

Your emails swimming.

your emails
Your emails taking a shower

Emails getting to know each other (?)

When you mark an email as a spam, it transforms into this really fat dude and will proceed to sit at the beach. And when you delete them, they run to the sea to get eaten by sharks. Yes really.

Spam eating sharks.

Believe it. Watch the trailer below.

You’d think that this email application is aimed towards children but sadly, no. Already this application is getting embarrassing reviews.
Crunchgear.com : 3D Mailbox: My Eyes!
Times Online : A waste of valuable processing power

Free download but use at your own risk!

Product Homepage : 3D Mailbox


  1. sunsuron says:

    Looks fun. Haha.

  2. aryst says:

    Innovative but it is a waste of time…people used email for its’ convenience and for a faster communication…if we are distracted by those bikini babes when reading mails, we cannot finish reading our mail in an hour or so…

  3. I’m speechless!!!

  4. cindy says:


    Wouldn’t it be too distracting? heheh.

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    Whacky idea. Wonder if my e-mail goes to the toilet.

  6. Davelynne says:

    OMG… Look like “The Sims” or another upcoming PS3 game… Home kalau inda silap… Wasting lah download this thing…

  7. Jusdy J. says:

    It’s weird, but hey, it’s different. Why not.

  8. Rob says:

    It’s a silly idea, granted, but I’d like to see more people pick up on this idea. Making email something more than just…. email, is an interesting idea. But agreed that emails as people poolside is somewhat ridiculous.