One of my aim with this blog is to share new knowledge (or just old ones :P ), that I *think* others don’t have. Anyway, my point is that you my readers, can appear intelligent just by using uncommon terms for something so simple.

defenestration throwing someone out of the windowAnd our word for today is defenestration – which basically means throwing someone out of the window.

Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. The word comes from the Latin de (from; out of) and fenestra (window).

So how can you appear intelligent with this?

Easy, say you’re in a cinema right and you’re watching Steven Seagal (seriously though, I for one, don’t watch his films). Then mr “serious face” Seagal throws someone out of the window, then you can exclaim

“cool! he just defenestrated that bad guy!”

I’m sure your buddies will be dumbstrucked by your higher-than-normal vocabulary. Depending on how loud you were when using that word, you might not get invited to watch movies with your friends anymore.

But that’s okay, you’re too smart for them anyway :P

Source : Defenestration Wiki


  1. Kay Kastum says:

    What about throwing things out the window?

  2. Davelynne says:

    De-fe-nes-tra-tion… thanks, mrbadak… hehehe… i dun have to buka dictionary lagi…

    **i tot of deforestration just now… if de means from/out of… then… it can be assumed that deforestration means OUT OF THE FOREST… Uhh… Umm… Hmmm… *blink blink*

  3. That would really depend on how intelligent my buddies are … Imagine saying that word just as Steven Seagal throws the bad guys thru the window and my buddies give me a blank look …. LOL!