Cheese made from breast milk

cheese from breast milk
Okay we know about guys getting money donating their sperm to the sperm bank – now the ladies can do it too – well sort of and only for mothers though. You can try to apply for a job as a contributor to a company in France which claims they are able to produce cheese made from breast milk. Eating grass is not a pre-requisite.

The cheese production goes through the same process as for normal cheese and the site claims that the taste has a bit of hazelnut. Ahh a mother’s breast milk goodness for everyone. Yes these cheese are not made for kids, they’re for everyone.

Note – okay guys, get those images of breasts off from your mind. thanks. you may continue reading.

Is this claim true? Museum of Hoaxes didn’t buy it. I don’t buy it either solely on the fact that their website is on a free lycos account.

But still the idea of cheese made out of breast milk for commercial purposes is, errr can I say unethical? But then that would be the same for sperm-donation right?

Anyway, if you have left-over breast milk in the fridge, you can try and have a bit of that hazelnut taste yourself. Just avoid the mistakes of this blogger when she tried to make cheese from her own milk.

If you managed to make the cheese, then you’r ready to make some nice dish with these placenta recipes.

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  1. Kay Kastum says:

    How sad. Someone did try it and it did not work. Perhaps the French people did some modification kot?

  2. How the heck do they squeeze the milk out? LOL. Now that would be an ideal job for a guy ya … Hahahahaha …

  3. Nessa says:

    Oi Nick Phillips! No other questions to ask ah? Notty.. notty…

  4. Hey Nessa, Notty? me? hehehe … but I’m sure someone has to squeeze the milk out rite. Think of how many people will be lining up if there was such a job vacancy. lOL!

  5. Nessa says:

    Haven’t you heard of pumps? If it was done manually, I doubt errr… the guys would have difficulty doing the job, you know what I mean Nick Phillips??:)

  6. davelynne says:

    uhh… is this another version of borat? “this from my wife’s breasts…” hohohoho~