Our new First Lady’s pic


  1. Ed says:

    err bini pm bukan 1st wife I think

    bini agong = 1s wife
    then bini-bini sultan/raja = mengikut turutan jadi 2nd wife/3rd…
    then bini-bini tyt
    barula bini pm

  2. LAi says:


    kata PM >> saya mau POWERR!!!!

  3. Nessa says:

    Aik! Tiba2 ja si PM ni. Diam2 ubi berisi pulak..hikhik…selamat pengantin kali ke 2 la Pak Lah:) Teda public holiday ka??

  4. tombivo says:

    Selamat pengantin baru…ehhh…lama. :D

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    I read some where that he is also related to her somehow?

  6. Hey Kay, I heard the same thing but I wish them all the best. Afterall everyone needs someone in their life to share the ups and downs :)

  7. kay kastum says:

    Very true indeed Mr Phillips! :)

  8. mrbadak says:

    Kay – yeah related.. the news said Jeanne was married to the late Endon’s younger brother. Divorced 15-year already.

  9. bengodomon says:

    Selamat pengantin baru.