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Giuk update

Last weekend, I sat down and finally fixed one of‘s glaring problem, the time inconsistencies between blogs. If you’ve been a regular reader on giuk, you would have probably noticed that a lot of the feeds’ timestamp were advanced by a few hours.

And because all of the posts were sorted according to the time that they were published, these feeds with incorrect times were always ahead of the pack for more than half of the day. The culprits were these blogs from (including my – of course the fault does not fall on them – it’s just that the software running behind Giuk didn’t anticipate getting feeds from different timezones, thus no option to alter the time for specific blogs.

Well – how happy are the visitors, for I have fixed them! :D It’s just a matter of adding a few columns to the database and a simple PHP script to alter the individual feeds’ time according to the blogs.

I have implemented the cron job to run the script since Sunday and everything seems to be working pretty well.

Now I need to email all the bloggers about this change (since most of them don’t know is the place to look for Giuk updates) and ask them to check that the time on their blogs and on Giuk are the same.

I will also be unveiling a new design for the site, to celebrate it’s new PR4 status and one year anniversary. I think I should be working more on that site and monetize the traffic hehehe *devilish grin*. The site also deserves its own blog, at least I don’t have to force users to come here to get any updates.

If you have any ideas/suggestions to improve the site, let me know!

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  1. gaman says:

    Good to hear that

  2. sunsuron says:

    Great! Been waiting.

  3. LAi says:

    ya pun baru cek PR blog sa..tdak sadar sa sudah PR4 hehe

  4. bengodomon says:

    mrbadak, i dont remember if i’ve suggested this before, but before i forget: put ability for members to manually select & post their entries like That should filter out most of the ppp posts :-)

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    Wah. This guy is going to be rich la. Must belanja kopi O’

  6. mrbadak says:

    ben – yes you did. i will look into it.

    kay – pray 4 it to happen k? i will blanja u kopi plus all the milk.. bukan kopi ‘O’ ja..

  7. Julian says:

    bah hire sia jadi part time moderator/care taker and share your loot… hahahha


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