Giuk update


  1. gaman says:

    Good to hear that

  2. sunsuron says:

    Great! Been waiting.

  3. LAi says:

    ya pun baru cek PR blog sa..tdak sadar sa sudah PR4 hehe

  4. bengodomon says:

    mrbadak, i dont remember if i’ve suggested this before, but before i forget: put ability for members to manually select & post their entries like That should filter out most of the ppp posts :-)

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    Wah. This guy is going to be rich la. Must belanja kopi O’

  6. mrbadak says:

    ben – yes you did. i will look into it.

    kay – pray 4 it to happen k? i will blanja u kopi plus all the milk.. bukan kopi ‘O’ ja..

  7. Julian says:

    bah hire sia jadi part time moderator/care taker and share your loot… hahahha