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Photoshop Beauty : Part II

Same topic as my post back in Nov last year, this is a collection of celebrities images being photoshopped to make them look like Gods and Goddesses.

With this proof, we don’t have to say “I want to look like a celebrity” anymore, but “That celebrity looks just like me!”.

Click on the pics to view them in a larger version.

To see many more pictures like this, go here (look under their portfolio).

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  1. mspretty says:

    wow….so much differences….

  2. Danny Foo says:

    You should head on to YouTube and seek out Dove Beauty.

    It’s the one where they show how models were made to look great even after a night out partying like an animal. Now that is real photo magic. LOL! :)

  3. Gee, now I could look like Salman Khan with some heavy (and I mean heavy) photoshopping :)


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