Alternative ecards, should I say, is an alternative with adult humor to express your feelings to someone. Some of the greetings that are found here (I left the x-rated ones out)

  • [Apology] Sorry my web browser history scared you
  • [Apology] Sorry we disagreed on that terrible movie
  • [Thinking of you] Someday I want to adopt an asian baby with you
  • [Thinking of you] Someday I’d like you to be my contact emergency person
  • [Encouragement] That job was way too good for you
  • [Encouragement] When work feels overwhelming, remember that you’re going to die
  • [Wedding] Congratulations on probably not dying alone
  • [Wedding] I’m happy for you and ashamed of being single

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  1. Kay Kastum says:

    The one that says ‘You’ve been distant since the Se*ual Harassment’ was wicked!