Police escort riders must obey traffic rules


  1. nazlihaffiz says:


    Police escorts do need to learn some manners. VVIP doesn’t mean a shit if you step all over the people who voted for you.


  2. ducky says:

    Dont bother about police escort, most of the time i only move for ambulance, if there is a traffic jam, the police escort can wait like everyone else.

  3. limpeh says:

    in taiwan, once the vice president was pressured to apologise publicly on live national tv bcoz her motorcade ran a red light when she was going to a function.

    here, they stop everyone at the traffic lights and the riders just shout and giv ur car a hard slap if u react too slowly to their likings!

    oh and just last week i think some lady in charge of the traffic police said they can give us RM300 saman for not giving way as well….Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nessa says:

    Honestly, I’m disgusted with the going-ons with the Govt nowadays. I’m not anti Govt but so many things r happening, people complain and yet nothing is done about it. One particular case r d taxis fleecing the locals… came the Arabs and only then Tourism ministry opened their eyes!! So unfair…