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Police escort riders must obey traffic rules

That’s what has been reported in the The Star today and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes these police officers think just because they have the authority and guns on their belt, they can do anything, including posing dangers to the very people they were suppose to protect.

I don’t want to sound anti-police or anti-government here but this is what exactly happened to me just a little over a year ago. A police escorting some VIP decided to force other drivers off the road by threatening to crash head on with their car. They did the same thing to my brother who was driving in front of me. We were coming back from a funeral in Membakut then.

You can read about my detailed experience from the link below. I hope these news will remind them that they have to follow the rules and try not to kill innocent people.

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  1. nazlihaffiz says:


    Police escorts do need to learn some manners. VVIP doesn’t mean a shit if you step all over the people who voted for you.


  2. ducky says:

    Dont bother about police escort, most of the time i only move for ambulance, if there is a traffic jam, the police escort can wait like everyone else.

  3. limpeh says:

    in taiwan, once the vice president was pressured to apologise publicly on live national tv bcoz her motorcade ran a red light when she was going to a function.

    here, they stop everyone at the traffic lights and the riders just shout and giv ur car a hard slap if u react too slowly to their likings!

    oh and just last week i think some lady in charge of the traffic police said they can give us RM300 saman for not giving way as well….Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nessa says:

    Honestly, I’m disgusted with the going-ons with the Govt nowadays. I’m not anti Govt but so many things r happening, people complain and yet nothing is done about it. One particular case r d taxis fleecing the locals… came the Arabs and only then Tourism ministry opened their eyes!! So unfair…


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