Natasha Demkina – the girl with the x-ray vision eyes


  1. nazlihaffiz says:


    Talk about genetic mutation..

    Maybe down the road, she’ll gain heat vision as well?

    That would be darn cool!!!

  2. retard says:

    i remember a documentary being shown about this girl a while back. i think it was on discovery channel on astro.

    if memory serves me, i think they also concluded that her accuracy was no better than random guesswork.

    who knows, maybe she can really see our internals as she claims. after all, many insects can see light wavelengths that we humans are not able to see.

  3. Kay Kastum says:

    Her boyfriend will have a tough time I guess for many reasons :D

  4. bengodomon says:

    After going for the stats course recently, now I know what “satistically significant” means :-)

  5. cindy says:

    Maybe she IS a mutant! :D

  6. Fashion Tips says:

    Wow, Heroes is coming to life :)

  7. Betty Boop says:

    There is something about this young lady does actually ring true & I think the sceptics were septic in there approach of dising a young & vulnerable girl who’s only crime I think is believing in humanity & wanting to make a difference.>:(.. But hey thats just my opinion… Let there be hope:D