PM rejects idea of registering bloggers

Phew. Luckily those “genius” ministers weren’t able to convince the Prime Minister to accept the idea of registering all Malaysian bloggers. Somebody should tell them how the internet works. They should also look at Thailand, they blocked youtube in their country because it was hosting some videos mocking their King but still people found ways to view them.

And now there are also many, many other video services like google video, metacafe, dailymotion etc.

These ministers claim that bloggers put out lies for everyone to see but who’s stopping them from starting their own blog and counter-attack these lies? They can simply ask their teenage children to teach them how to apply for a new blogger account if they aren’t sure of what to do.

I think Marina Mahathir mentioned this somewhere in her blog or a published news article.

These ministers should not be afraid of new technology and find ways of controlling them. Instead, try to embrace and get on level terms with the rest of the online world. duh!

If you’re clean then you have nothing to hide.

News : Malaysia rejects regulation of bloggers


  1. Ed says:

    takut dengan bayang2 sendiri bah tu … bangang punya idea.

    And ppl like ZAM shud know best about free speach, he was a journalist, now I think he’s more like a propaganda minister (Soviet Style)

  2. gaman says:

    pandai pun dia. Kalau mau register pasang giant firewall dulu keliling malaysia dan filteri Internet baru berkesan hehe

  3. KY says:

    clean… a hem.. ahemm…

  4. Kay Kastum says:

    True. They should reply and link back to other posts that talks about them when there is any accusations.

  5. Steve Wong says:

    haha, at least our PM is smarter than those brainless minister… :P