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Robinson’s goal

paul robinson goal
Last Saturday Tottenham defeated Watford 3-1. Their second goal came courtesy of a mix-up between Watford’s defender and goalie, resulting in Paul Robinson (the goalie for Spurs) to score an amazing (or fluke?) goal.

Video of the goal after the jump. Oh yeah, Sabah lost 2-1 to the Police on Saturday :(

Having problems watching the above video? Watch this at youtube.

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  1. Ed says:

    Ben Foster lagi tu, on loan dari MU tu hehehe

  2. lol.. The keeper must have died out of embarrassment! I would though, if I were in his shoes.

  3. LAi says:

    huh..i just sold Paul Robinson last friday and replace him with Kuszack…cis..teda nasib betull…sheva pun sold..tinguk score pulak..jahnem…

    btw, this is all about fantasy football games..:D


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