A night with Ian Rush


  1. Tom,Dick&Harry says:

    Yes, glory glory Man Utd.

  2. tombivo says:

    Haiyaaa…goal puluk-puluk only la!!!! Liverpool were unlucky not to have scored at least 3 goals! Maurinho was half-correct when he said MU has more luck…hee…heee….cheh! Me?…i got to know EPL when Liverpool with the likes of Ian Rush, Kenny Dalgish, Bruce Grobeller & co. used to be so dominating force in Europe. Besides, Liverpool has always been a humble team…no bragging, no loud mouth, not egoistic (like some of my MU hard-cores). Gooo…goooo…LIVERPOOL…YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

  3. tombivo says:

    I mean MU hard-core friends…