A night with Ian Rush

ian rush in kk
If you’re a Liverpool fan, I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yep Ian Rush was in town last week. He’s a Liverpool legend and was a great player in the 80s. During that time I was still watching space cop gaban on TV and didn’t know that there are people paying money to watch guys in shorts kick soccer ball. If not, I’d be a Liverpool fan right now.

Well THANK GOD I’m not! Cuz I am a Manchester Utd supporter! (we even stole 3 points from Anfield last week).

My friend from SabahRhinos.com got a free ticket to attend the dinner (he’s a ManU supporter too, you’d think he’d want to pay RM350?) and so showed off his pictures on his blog and our forum.

Anyway, he’s wondering if there’s any hardcore liverpool sucker who want to buy the signed poster? Haha. Go visit his blog to see more pictures from that night.

Link : T_Rex1301 Blog


  1. Tom,Dick&Harry says:

    Yes, glory glory Man Utd.

  2. tombivo says:

    Haiyaaa…goal puluk-puluk only la!!!! Liverpool were unlucky not to have scored at least 3 goals! Maurinho was half-correct when he said MU has more luck…hee…heee….cheh! Me?…i got to know EPL when Liverpool with the likes of Ian Rush, Kenny Dalgish, Bruce Grobeller & co. used to be so dominating force in Europe. Besides, Liverpool has always been a humble team…no bragging, no loud mouth, not egoistic (like some of my MU hard-cores). Gooo…goooo…LIVERPOOL…YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

  3. tombivo says:

    I mean MU hard-core friends…