Between going to Hollywood and into the drain

Well. Sorry for not posting anything since yesterday, I was on leave actually. So I disconnected myself for the whole day.

I want to share something interesting and unfortunate that happened to my family in the past 24-hours. First, the good news (because it happened first).

My nephew has won Astro’s Movie Mania contest grand prize – he will join Anuar Zain for an all-expenses paid trip for 5 days 4 nights in Hollywood. There are only 5 winners together with their own partner.

Bad news? Many. Apart from having to spend the entire trip with Anuar Zain (I don’t like his singing), he’s bringing his mom (my sister) and not me! Damn. I should’ve sponsored his prepaid when he joined in the contest – then I’d have a strong point.

And because the prize giving is tonight in KL, they have to attend it. So on their way to the airport this morning at 5.20am (their flight at 6.30am), my dad’s Kembara went off the road and went into the direction of the large drain by the side of the highway.

Fortunately, the barrier prevented them from having an early bath. My parents who were seated in front were wearing seat belts. So only minor chest pains for them.

My sister’s chin and knees hit the front seat. My nephew managed to use his fast-sms-sending fingers to prevent his body moving forward.

The front side is smashed but still drivable. My sister and nephew still managed to catch their flight to KL.

I sms my nephew and told him if he’s shaken up by the whole thing, I can replace him going to Hollywood. Hehe.

Well that’s my story. Off to work.


  1. Wah.. thank God everyone’s alright lah. But never mind bah kan, hope it’s worth the trouble. Hollywood mah…siapa mau!

  2. cindy says:

    Wah, syok la dia. :D