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Elusive Autumn Found


You recognise the picture above? It’s one of the pictures in Windows’ wallpaper called Autumn.

Would you believe it that a guy actually yearned and was hell-bent being on that actual place? He is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. A good read, from the silence of the microsoft team and a mysterious reply to an email for Bill Gates (though the author said it was not Bill) and how, he finally tracked the location with the help of his Autumn Team and other individuals sucked into this quest along the way.

Read his interesting story here.

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  1. Aiseh.. I never knew it took so much trouble to get that shot. All this while I thought it was computer generated.. he he

  2. gaman says:

    At first glance, the location of the photo can be anywhere. I once had my photo taken in Cambridge with a rustic path of maple trees behind me just like the photo. wonderful.

    In fact I have a similar photo albeit a ‘summer’ version hanged on my bedroom wall.

    I understand why the guy was so inspired. To me it has this fresh, calming effect and peaceful feeling you just want to be in.

  3. retard says:

    autumn is my favourite season. the different hues of yellow, brown and green is so beautiful i could look at the trees and garden in autumn for hours. :)


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