Revengeful Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day where couples tell their significant ones how much they love each other and florists busy jacking up their prices. Why I can give you links on Valentine-related sites like flowers and their meanings… but instead I’m highlighting quite the opposite today.

Remember that while many have their significant other, there are many also who are alone. Nothing’s more heartbreaking than finding out the person you think could be the “one” was actually darth vader with lipstick. Relationships that ended on bad terms will have those involved hold grudges againts each other. If you’re at the receiving end, how do you get back at him or her?

Well you can send them dead fish! Yes an actual dead fish. Here’s a service that does that – will send a smelly dead fish for USD$19.99 inclusive of shipping. In addition to dead fish, you can also send melted chocolate and dead roses. Visit the catalog here (but they only send to US destinations though).

cute teddy bear revengeful acts
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An alternative is to send this cute teddy bear with the wording on its t-shirt that says “Heard you were sick.. GOOD!” That one cost USD$29.95, sold through by There are many other naughty phrases here (another one says “if bad sex were a crime, you would be on death row!” haha).

But, if you really don’t want to spend a dime on your ex, then just send a virtual dead flowers e-card here.

To the rest, Happy Valentine’s Day (and hope that you won’t receive any dead fish in the mail).


  1. retard says:

    they even have the halitosis bad breath package and biobio body odor package! how sweet! ;)