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Homie says no MyVi!

In an arrogant u-turn, the Home Minister has scrapped the lucky draw for those who registered for their myKad early back then. In 2005, the government announced that those who change their old IC to the new MyKad, will be eligible for a series of lucky draw with the top prize being a brand new Perodua MyVi car model.

Now, the new minister has this to say

Describing the Jom Tukar dan Menang (Let’s Change and Win) lucky draw as “silly and rubbish”, Home Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said it was the responsibility of Malaysians to get their MyKad without having any carrot dangled at them.

Okay. So I suppose they scrap the fine for those who changed their myKad after 2005 too? Looks like the whole nation was scammed. Now let’s see if they make the same decision on the “catching traffic offenders on camera contest“.

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  1. That really gives you an idea of how they run things… sigh


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