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Hug your wife for prosperity

The cheapest and practical way to usher in good fortune during the Year of the Pig is to hug your wife. That is the advise of a feng shui master.

Taiwanese feng shui master Yu Yang has this tip for those who wish to usher in good fortune during the Year of the Pig. But for it to work, wives have to cooperate.

“Men, hug your wives more; and women, do not turn down the loving hugs,” Yu advised during her feng shui talk show at Queensbay Mall here.

I think for good luck or not, husbands should hug their wives everyday. With advise like this, there’ll be a baby boom next year. Cuz maybe some men think if they want to usher more luck and prosperity, they should do more than just hugging *wink wink*.

Link : The Star

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  1. retard says:

    apparently, according to my chinese friends, many couples would try to have babies born in the year of the pig.

    so jeff, still got enough time that…

  2. allbynose says:

    if all malaysian hug their wife(ves) with love, day and night, not only be a baby boom next year, but ALL YEAR.. :D =))

  3. Ed says:

    Waaaaaaa, mau kawinnnnn~!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    hehehehe, joking – too young to get married :D

  4. Lorna says:

    Retard, on the contrary. Many would avoid giving birth in the year of the Pig, because they believe their child may get VERY lazy! :)

  5. Joneh says:

    Thats what Lilian Too said about male or female born this year, the Fire Boar!
    [b]The fire male Boar[/b].
    Accommodating, lively, self-absorbed, opinionated, obstinate, unmanageable, devoted, and trustworthy, you prefer to ride on someone else’s coattails than to be in the center of attention.
    [b]The fire female Boar[/b].
    Forceful, lively, stubborn, idealistic, you prefer to be the woman behind the successful man, nudging him along. You are a person who would fight for issues you believe in.


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