Hug your wife for prosperity


  1. retard says:

    apparently, according to my chinese friends, many couples would try to have babies born in the year of the pig.

    so jeff, still got enough time that…

  2. allbynose says:

    if all malaysian hug their wife(ves) with love, day and night, not only be a baby boom next year, but ALL YEAR.. :D =))

  3. Ed says:

    Waaaaaaa, mau kawinnnnn~!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    hehehehe, joking – too young to get married :D

  4. Lorna says:

    Retard, on the contrary. Many would avoid giving birth in the year of the Pig, because they believe their child may get VERY lazy! :)

  5. Joneh says:

    Thats what Lilian Too said about male or female born this year, the Fire Boar!
    [b]The fire male Boar[/b].
    Accommodating, lively, self-absorbed, opinionated, obstinate, unmanageable, devoted, and trustworthy, you prefer to ride on someone else?s coattails than to be in the center of attention.
    [b]The fire female Boar[/b].
    Forceful, lively, stubborn, idealistic, you prefer to be the woman behind the successful man, nudging him along. You are a person who would fight for issues you believe in.