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Google Interview

A programmer posted in his blog his experiences being interviewed by Google. An interesting read – after 2 phone interviews, the next interview was in the Google campus itself. Google even paid for his plane ticket, hotel room, rental car, and food. Wow.

Interesting read especially the campus. For instance, in the main lobby, they have a projector showing a live scrolling list of Google searches in realtime. All of the cafeterias there provide buffet-style food and they are FREE!

Pity he didn’t get the job and worse, he spilled out his interesting “20% project” (all Google coders can devote 20% of their time working on a side project – that’s where they get Google Labs) which the interviewer jotted down on a piece of paper.

He must be checking the G-Labs page everyday from now on I think :)

Link : Absolutely No Machete Juggling

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  1. pinolobu says:

    You’re not planning on applying?

  2. Ed says:

    algo problem heh ? huaaahh need cs degree ni (bukan local ipta) hahaha

  3. mrbadak says:

    pinolobu – ish.. sia ni sampai tahap diploma ja :P


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