Correct way to pronounce Skype, Adobe and Linux


  1. havuk says:

    GNU pronounced ge-nu, with a hard G. (Stallman said it)
    So that makes Gnome pronounced Ge-nome, also hard G. But I think it’s ok to say Nome.

    SUSE is German so we say soo-se, e is not silent. Debian is actually 2 names joined together, Debra + Ian. So it’s easy to know how it sound.

    JPEG is ‘jay-peg’. GIF is ‘jif’ but I prefer ‘gif’. DIVX is ‘div-ex’ and XVID is ‘ex-vid’. SCSI is ‘scussy’.

    So many more, but I actually don’t really care how it sound :p

  2. Adam says:

    Heard a lot of people pronouncing it as Sky Pee but never bothered to correct them unless they were my close friends. Some people can’t take constructive criticisms.

  3. Ed says:

    still remember sndconfig in red hat (dunno cent or newer version still do this) will test by playing the “Hi, this is Linus Torvalds and I pronounce Linux, Linux”

  4. clement says:

    any more cool stuff from pc fair? yesterday KK was packed, I was stuck near the soon to be suria sabah for quite sometime, till i made u U-turn to get something to eat in Gaya St,

  5. retard says:

    the ones i come across:
    oracle – mispronounced as o RA cle
    yves saint laurent – mispronounced as yee ves…
    ralph lauren – mispronounced as ralph law-wren
    setup – mispronounced as sedoop
    configure – mispronounced as confi-jer
    hyundai – mispronounced as hine-die
    kota kinabalu – mispronounced as koota kiniblue
    tawau – mispronounced as t’wow

    ok. the last 2 were mispronounced by foreigners so that shouldn’t count. give them the benefit.

    i avoid correcting anyone when they mispronounce. as long as i understand them, it’s good enough for me. i think i am getting too hypercritical already. so i better stop here.

  6. Rem says:

    Velvet (the popstar wannabe) promoted ‘Penampang’ in front of the entire nation as ‘Per-nam-pang’ (as in ‘penampar’). I don’t know where she learned that from. It should be ‘Pi-nam-pang’ (as in ‘pinang’). It’s forgivable when a non-Sabahan pronounces it wrongly (which happens more often than not) — but a Sabahan?

    And oh yes… especially an iconic place like Penampang! Lainlah kalau salah sebut Kirokot atau Komborongoh atau Tebobon, etc. Hmmm…

    Tenom is also, most of the time, wrongly pronounced as ‘Ter-nom’ (as in ‘terkam’). It should be ‘Tay-nom’ (as in ‘teh’). Yet another iconic place in Sabah — and any Sabahan above the age of 15 should be shot if he/she gets it wrong. :)

    And I bet most Malaysians too, couldn’t pronounce Bedong (a place in Kedah) and Bentong (Pahang) correctly. If you’re a Sabahan, then it’s forgivable…. :)

  7. GG says:

    I first heard of Skype being pronounced as “Sky-pee” over here in Malaysia, as they say it differently everywhere else in the world. It’s so infectuous even an Aussie living here thought that’s how it’s pronounced, seeing as it is uttered by the dependable so-called IT people. But then again, the same IT people also routinely call a PC system a “CPU”.

  8. gregchai says:

    sad some people still refuse to accept the proper way to pronounce it, it makes my hair stand every time these people pronounce it.

    just imagine some of them don’t even know how to pronounce cafe ( they will pronounce it “cave” ) … but they know how to pronounce nescafe

  9. Pardeep Bhandari says:

    1. Giga (when used in physics/chemistry) – Both g are to be pronounce as g in gun. The correct pronuncation will be gee-gaa.

    2. Giga (when used in computers and electronics) – First g has to be pronounce as j in jug while second one has to be pronounce as g in gun. So the correct pronunciation will be jee-gaa.

    It’s quite funny that 99% people say I have 2.5 gee-gaa hz processor or I have 300 gee-gaa bytes hard disk while correct pronunciaton would be “I have 300 jee-gaa bytes hard disk.” I’ve read this fact in an Electroncis Engg. Book.

  10. great help. i crossed linked u .

  11. effa says:

    its more cooler to pronouce skype as skypee.doncha think so?

  12. rosita says:

    Ubuntu is pronounced as oo-boon-too and not Yoo-boon-too