Dogs Playing Poker

While I was growing up in our house in Penampang, there was this particular poster that my dad always talked about and tell me why he thinks it’s funny (over and over again). I find it amusing just looking at the poster as well. The poster I’m talking about is “Dogs Playing Poker” by C.M Coolidge.

Below is the image for it (click for a larger version)
dogs playing poker C.M. Coolidge

Do you find that bulldog’s legs trying to pass the card to his buddy cute and funny? Hehe. Observe the other dogs’ faces as well. Hehehe. The painting is aptly titled “a friend in need”.

I didn’t know that this is one of the most famous painting in the world – at least paintings made in modern times. There are 9 versions of dogs playing poker as well.

Two of the artists’ work was bought at a price of half a million dollars at an auction in 2005. Sadly to say, the money didn’t find its way to the painter as he was commissioned by a firm to do the paintings.

The poster that we own has its colors faded already but my brother has applied his own master strokes to restore the colors. Hmmm guess I can’t auction it off lah that.

Do you have this same painting in your house? :)

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  1. retard says:

    coolidge died in 1934. so i guess he’s not really going to be upset that he didn’t get any part of the money.

    i saw the picture as a kid too. i thought it was funny not because the dog was trying to pass the card with its hind leg, but because all the players were dogs. back then everything was simple and doesn’t take very much to amuse a young kid. :)