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Photoshop Beauty

photoshopped beauty
If you were like me, sometimes you won’t believe what you are looking at if you look carefully on the skins of those stars on the covers of entertainment magazines. They look like lego, plastic toys-figurines and so surreal.

However, we are the smart ones *wink wink*.

There are people who really, really want to look like them and advertisers are clamouring for their money by paying these celebrities to say that they use this product to have those water-proof skin effect.

While it is not entirely wrong in trying to have a beautiful skin but just remember that we can’t be 100% like those magazine cover skins simply because those stars aren’t that perfect either.

photoshopped beauty
All you need to have skins like them is to learn photoshop :D If you have the habit of sending your pictures attached to your resume and not having the desired results, then I think it’s time you photoshop your picture, they will work wonders.

Take a look at this blogger’s demo on what has been done to the faces before they are printed. Fats are removed, eyebags removed, skins are clearer, wrinkles are gone etc.

This video is awesome into turning a “normal looking” woman into a billboard hotshot for a Dove ad.

See more pictures of photoshopped beauty here.

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  1. puxape says:

    With Photoshop, you can even make a female orangutan look like a professional model. Heck…even my pet fish can posed for a local keropok add…

  2. Vee says:

    I used photoshop to edit my ugly pic. Reducing noise and sharpen the pic and remove all the jerawat from my face. The result is best! ;-) looks like korean actress… he he

  3. says:

    Photoshop Beauty : Part II…

    Same topic as my post back in Nov last year, this is a collection of celebrities images being photoshopped to make them look like Gods and Goddesses.
    With this proof, we don’t have to say “I want to look like a celebrity” anymore, but…


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