Rants on cute puppies

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  1. Gallivanter says:

    I love dogs. My 9 year old australian terrier apparently “ran away” from home earlier in the year. We were so distraught that we got ourselves a new puppy (Golden Retriever), only for it to be dognapped in broad daylight a month later. Apparently some wanker hopped across our gate and stole the pup. It happened at 7am in the morning. 2 losses in the space of 2 months was too much for us…we have yet to fully recover…

  2. curlylocks says:

    Please do check out this site to adopt dogs: http://missionk9.blogspot.com/
    or alternatively you can contact SPCA to adopt one of the dogs if you are serious about it. You will be rescuing an animal that potentially might be put to sleep purely because of space constraints.
    Thank you.

  3. LydBytes says:

    sia punya anjing jenis corgi.. kaki pendek.. baru 10 bulan… hehehe nama anjing sia clowy.. hihihihi kamurang punya anjing jenis mahal2 ni.. kalau mahal2 taru dlm rumah la kan.. kalau di luar berebut orang mau p curi tu.. heheheh

  4. Jules says:

    Wah, so long didnt get in touch with you, just know u got son already. Me also got dotter already, 4 months old. So apa khabar u and ur wife? :)

  5. mrbadak says:

    Hi Jules, wah long time oso dint hear from u. My wife and me sihat walafiat… moving into a new house next year, then baru start projek baru *wink wink*

  6. Julian says:

    Making new generation project is it?? hehehehehehe…

    Sia satu pun pening sudah.. nanti baru pikir pasal project baru. You can check out my blog.

  7. Vee says:

    I don’t like dog much but I love cat. Cat is adorable, cute, funny and good to be my companion while watching television or sitting on the sofa.

  8. tommygirl says:

    Gaya Street Fair banyak tuh… or the Saturday one at Bestmart Kolombong… ;-)