Use the search engine as your quick world clock

If you have friends on the other side of the world and wondering whether they are at work or at home sleeping, you can quickly check their local time using search engines.

For google, just type in “Time in New York” if you want to know NY’s time at that moment. I’ve tried KK and Kota Kinabalu but Google didn’t return the local time, just some links. You need to type in “Time in Kuala Lumpur” then you can get the local time here.

google time

You can type these terms in Yahoo and as well.

Anyway, do you know that New York is approximately 24-hours behind our Malaysian time. I clearly remember this in my head since the 9/11 terrorist attack. That’s because I watched CNN that night til morning and seeing the time flashed across the screen repeatedly.

Source : Digital Inspiration


  1. Zirbad says:

    hehe… sia pun baaaru main world time a few days ago… pasai sa nda barapa paham apa tu UTC, GMT, EST bila compare to other countries. e.g 09:00am EST, apa tu? now i understand…

  2. Alex says:

    yeah i always do this to check local listings for tv series. so tat i can estimate when to download :D