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Juan Mann : Free Hugs Campaign

juan mann free hugs

This is the story of Juan Mann (pronounced One Man) whose sole mission is to brighten up a stranger’s life, but to date, he has brighten thousands of strangers’ life, including me. Though I didn’t get a hug from him, watching the video lifted my spirits a bit.

In this time of violence and hatred potrayed in the media daily, this positive vibes and a hug is what everyone needs.

Mann has been doing this for a year but recenly his grandmother died and so his friend, who is the lead singer of sickpuppies decided to mix the video he had taken of him hugging strangers with their song All the Same, to lift his friend’s spirit. This video was posted to youtube and now is one of the most popular youtube videos now with more than a million views.

You can watch the video below.

Links : Juan Mann’s myspace
Free Hugs : Virus of Connection

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