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Yahoo! Top 100 Weird Sites

List by Yahoo!. Haven’t checked any of them out yet but will do so during the weekends. Here are the top 10.

  1. Strange Dolls
  2. Dull Men
  3. Weird Tourist Attractions
  4. Ghosts
  5. Weird Recipes
  6. Sexy Soviets
  7. Toast Art
  8. Weird Pictures
  9. Crop Circles
  10. Time Travel

Check out the other 90 on the following link :P

Link : Yahoo! Top 100 Weird Sites

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  1. pinolobu says:

    to me, the top ten should include that site about cats the look like hitler and that site that advertises services to “upgrade” your body.

  2. luxferi says:

    Sexy soviets?


  3. flanegan says:

    John Titor…. my favourite…


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