Don’t throw your unused SIM cards – make earrings instead

sim card ear rings
Today’s highlight is a wikiHow on making earrings from SIM cards. While I’m not sure what kind of reactions you will get if you do wear them but it’s better than throwing them away right?

It’s a pity that after you’ve made these earrings, you can’t use them anymore. Imagine if that’s not the case, when you are with your friends, you just proceed to take off your ear rings, place them in your handphone and nonchalantly make a call. Sure will freak them.

Anyway, talking about SIM cards, have you registered your prepaid phones? I haven’t. What’s the rush – it’s 3 months away from the deadline. I’m just waiting for DiGi to have a contest or some sort for registered prepaid users – just like what government did for MyKad last year. Ya kan – so who won the MyVi anyway?

Bah – if you want to make the earrings – see instructions here.

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