Internet’s biggest google whores

Sorry for the provocative subject but that is what this blogger put it as his title.

As I am waiting for Google to send me my 2nd cheque, the current earnings of this blog is dropping quite steep. Guess Siti Nurhaliza’s brouhaha is *really* over huh?

So what I need is a jolt of envy on other publishers’ adsense earnings and John Chow’s post is just that. He posted what he describes as “a list of the Internet?s eight biggest Google AdSense publishers”.

Among the notable names are Markus Frind (, Kevin Rose ( and Joel Comm (adsense guru – I have his ebook). Frind’s cheque shows a value of $900,000 check from Google. That’s like how 3 million Ringgit!!

So if you think adsense cannot give you the life that you dream of, then just read the highlighted post and drool on the reported earnings.

John Chow dot Com : The Internet?s Biggest Google Whores


  1. pinolobu says:

    …must not…let…that make me lose…… focus….

  2. Jen says:

    The biggest name on the Internet by far is George Vreeland Hill.
    I don’t think any person is close to him.