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Finally after being alerted by Pinolobu and LAi about my blog being mentioned in a print magazine, I finally saw the pages. LAi managed to persuade his girlfriend to scan and also snapped a picture of the magazine which mentioned my blog. At first I thought it was just a short mention, I was quite surprised that the magazine just copied my whole post back in October and paste in on their magazine. At least my URL address was on top of the article (twice lagi tu).

Here’s the front cover of the magazine. Click to see larger version.
siti magazine

Here’s my blog entry being published. Click to see larger version.
siti magazine

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  1. LAi says:

    wah…jd selebriti suda ko ni..

    hari tu…kawn gf sa tunggu ko dtg p kedai drg…drg mo tinguk spa c Mr.Badak minta otograf…ekeke

    *note:minta otograf tu kena tambah suda…:p

  2. Adam says:

    Congrats. Any publicity is good publicity.

  3. Pai says:

    uina geng… ndak lama lagi ‘Jeff’ry Ooi la ko nih… hahahah!
    bah jaga2 kamu, pasni conform ramai start blogging melatup2, semua pok mau masuk magazine… :D

  4. colbert says:

    wah….U good. Can masuk Malaysia print lar.

  5. Azizah says:

    Congrats! Semoga become popular seluruh dunia


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