Pictures that lie

Because of the easiness of doing photo-alteration using computer software (most popular would be Photoshop), mainstream media editors are now not only pressured to check for correct news facts but also to make sure the photos aren’t doctored, which is harder to do.

During the recent Israel bombing of Lebanon, a freelance photographer doctored an image he sold to Reuters by “cloning” the black smoke to add more drama. His deceit came to light because of his bad photoshop skills. Have a look at the smoke below.

doctored image israel lebanon
Do you notice the patterns? Yeah that’s some clumsy cloning-tool at work. Here is the original image.


CNet has compiled a gallery of pictures that were doctored/modified over the years and appeared on mainstream media, interesting read.

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  1. flanegan says:

    and the photo-journalist got fired… haha
    well, photojournalist shouldnt photoshop the pics bah….