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Encrypting your blog post

I bet sometimes you’d wished that some people you know don’t read your blog because you want to talk or gossip about them. Or maybe you want to post something just for one or two person to read (like your “circle of trust” – from meet the parents movie hehe).

Though I know a few persons who would just blast whoever in their blogs, although not mentioning names, if they read it, they’ll know its talking about them. Anyhow, for those trying to be nice to everyone, apart from creating another blog what you can do is decrypt your post so that only those with the key (that acts as a password) can unlock the encryption and read it.

This blogger has come up with a simple solution that uses javascript and css to do this. You can check out his demo over at his site. But then again, if you don’t give that key to someone, he’ll know that you’ve been talking bad about him.

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  1. retard says:

    you can always say:

    – you never got the email request for the key; or
    – something wrong with wordpress and you can’t delete that entry and you don’t know how it ended up there.

    hehe. looks like i’m getting better at lying. and i’m not even trying. :P

    have a good one!


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