Dr M attacked with pepper spray


  1. flanegan says:

    yup… kasian him….

  2. rontol says:

    another shocker…heh

  3. mrbadak says:

    well after reading a few forum sites and watching the news, it seems the struggle is between 2 persons who were arguing who has the rights to bring Dr M around.. so when one wins the right/honour, the other one got angry and asked his bouncer to setoff the pepper spray and whisked DrM to another car…

    will report when the confirmed report comes out…

  4. tombivo says:

    Hee…this get to show that Dr.M popularity is still very much intact!

  5. zai says:

    Mr Badak,
    I like reading what u wrote in yr web. So many interesting things in it. Example Tun M. Yes some Malaysians do forget contribution of our past leaders. Can’t people let him have his talk? Let him be. He is an old man and have outspoken views on anything he interested. Let he give his ideo/teory/etc. Listen and ponder.
    What u thinK?

  6. alvinzxx says:

    haha…Mrbadak is the best writer i ever met…lol you seems to be very well known…