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Poor Man’s Macro Photo Studio

So while everyone is guessing what Materazzi said to Zizou, we might as well use our time to good effect huh? Since I am beginning to enter the world of photography and the like, the link I am highlighting today talks about making your own macro photo studio for only $10.

Macro photo studio is just that, to shoot small objects unless of course Barbie dolls are your *only* models, then you can regard this as building your own model photography studio.

The things needed for this project are a cardboard box, white tracing papers, light source (any light source) and of course a camera.

photo studio

You can see some of image taken in the studio on the following blog. I think this is a good project I can experiment with hehe.

Go to “How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

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  1. flanegan says:

    last time i used white bulb, white silk kain & a4paper…

  2. LAi says:

    sia pernah pakai lampu kicik yg utk video cam tu (mcm d mmd tu)+kertas A4…


    satu lagi…beli satu lampu philips yang bulat tu (cahaya putih)+yang pembalut silver utk memasak2 tu.(apa suda nama tu)…ini boleh pakai utk shooting…cahaya pun bagus+murah


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