Windows XP too long to shut down?

Well there’s a free utility from the same people that probably caused this nuisance.. microsoft. I do find that my computer shuts down just a minute longer everytime and you feel like you want to press the power socket right away, especially after the clock has shown 5pm in the office but that could corrupt the registry.

Actually, these slow shutting down times is caused by open registry connections by programs that you have closed earlier. This utility will help you close these unused and open connections so your shutdown will be prompt.

Click here to download the utility (no verification needed). More info on it here.

via Digital Inspiration

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  1. LAi says:

    yup…sia ekceli suda pakai ni..mmg betul ada ‘up’ skit shutdown time..

  2. Kay Kastum says:

    Okay..what about quick start up? Mine will take at least 3 minutes…

  3. Muhammad says:

    it may be a problem of your hard disk too bcz it takes a long time to shutdown when your hardisk is full from data….