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Kids using ringtone in school which adults cannot hear

Honestly before reading this news, I didn’t know that by the age of 20, people will lose hearing for the highest frequencies – 18 to 20kHz. Okay now that you know also (admit it, you didnt know it too right?) let’s get on with the news.

Kids (in America I assume) took advantage of this knowledge and took a sound in this frequency, named “Teen Buzz” and use them as their ringtones.

So now they can hear their cell ringing during class and leave the clueless teacher wondering what’s all the giggling is about. Originally, the sound was used by some shopping complexes security to drive away young teenage gangs from their buildings.

I guess they’ll lower the sound so that they won’t get irritated by the sound. Hmmm kids – so clever nowadays.

News link : Pupils perform ‘alarming’ feat

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  1. LAi says:

    erm…sa rasa ni bukan d America…sa rasa dr UK…sebab tu link pn

  2. mrbadak says:

    LAi.. terror kao.. sia lagi blur ekekeke. thx.

  3. KY says:

    Yah, it was UK where the shop owners use the sound from that frequency range to annoy teenagers

  4. boringest says:

    the ones over in digg i’m not sure which one’s the real one..half can hear, the other cannot.

  5. boringest says:

    oops…wanted to write:

    you have the soundclip?

  6. mrbadak says:

    sorry i can’t find it. u get really different results if you search for ‘teens’ haha. maybe you can try use limewire.

  7. pinolobu says:

    according to the article: adults not totally cannot hear, if within 1m can hear, but if further away then cannot.


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