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Qatari pays $2.75 million for mobile phone number

How much would you pay for a fancy number? Is RM9.6 million enough? I think only Osu can pay this much amount of money.

What’s the number he paid for? It’s 666-6666, the devil’s number. Heh! He must own a few oil repository in the gulf. So if he’s number cost close to 10 million ringgit, he should order a diamond-encrusted handset just to carry this number.

As long as we don’t see him answering his 666-6666 number on a Nokia 3310, he should be ok. Cuz if he does, then that means he has used up all his savings for this number.

Anyway, this is done all for charity where the ticket alone cost USD$800++. So good for him. I must put a reminder, whenever I am organising a charity event, so extend invitations to some Qatari billionaires.

News : Qatari pays $2.75 million for mobile phone number

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  1. pinolobu says:

    if 8 is prosperous no in chinese, maybe 6 is prosperous no in arabic

  2. tagaas says:

    Hee…hee….topinai. I like that dig at Osu! Wonder what happened to his case…Anybody has any idea???


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