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NiPod – Nike + iPod

Okay I made that up – actually the product is named Nike+iPod. Nike will produce a device that will be inserted into the base of its shoes and will be able to wirelessly transmit data to an iPod.

So the person using the iPod will be able to see how far he has run, running pace, how many calories burned and of course, the title of the current song. The kit will be available 2 months from now.

Coolness or what? Next they should make the device capable of taking menu selection from your toes, so while running you can skip a song or pause it. Then we have people running awkwardly in the park.

Article : Nike shoes talk to Apple’s iPod in new system, Nike+iPod

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  1. LAi says:

    klu aku ada ni kasut…sia belari setempat ja dlm rumah…nda mau bawa jalan2 keluar dari rumah…


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