How Beckham lost his 2 BMW X5 SUVs

David Beckham lost 2 of his BMW X5 SUVs in the last six months to hi-tech thieves using wireless notebooks and a hacking software. It seems that the new generation of car security which uses a keyless entry system has been defeated by clever crooks.

All they need to do was wirelessly break into the car?s computer system, open the doors, and start the engine. Not even a single wire or breaking tools – just a clever software. The only drawback is a time of 20 minutes for them to crack the car’s computer encryption.

I don’t know about you but that sounds awfully lot easier than today’s traditional method of stuffing some ‘masterkey’ into the lock and then hot-wire your engine. With the computer system broken into, you will not know he’s stealing it as the door has been opened for him and the engine started.

Every security system has a weak spot and for these keyless entry system, only the automakers and locksmiths are supposed to be the only groups that know where and how security information is stored in a car, but the information eventually falls into the wrong hands.

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  1. mwt says:

    This wirelesss software enabled security system is another of the elctronic hype we see. How can they beat a mechanical lock?