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Good Friday

good fridayIf you ask me personally, Good Friday (and of course [tag]Easter[/tag] Sunday) are the most important events to mark the [tag]Christians[/tag] calendar – yes contrary to what the shopping channel tell you.

[tag]Christmas[/tag] is secondary but it seems more important because of the commercialization and consumerism that has gripped all of us.

It’s quite sad that TVs or radios didn’t even acknowledge what this day means to Christians.

God came into the world to save His people from the grip of sin. The [tag]crufixion[/tag] of [tag]Christ[/tag] on the cross shows God’s love for the world and his death and rising from the tomb completes God’s mission.

I want to teach all my children these. Of course I can’t fight the media and I think there will be a period of time when my children will believe in Santa Claus but I will make sure they grow up to be individuals with strong faith in their religion.

“So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, ‘It is finished!’ And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit” (John 19:30).

Today is a day of prayer and fasting. Come Sunday we will be joyous and victorious! But for now, it’s prayer time.

Good Friday Wiki
What do Christians celebrate on Good Friday

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  1. Thanks for these thoughts about the passion of our Savior.

    Thanks also for linking to my Good Friday information.

    While you meditate and pray on Christ’s sacrifice today, here are a couple more resources you may want to visit:

    The Passion of Christ
    Timeline of Jesus’ Final Hours

  2. mrbadak says:

    Thx for the links Mary!


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