No bigfoot but a toad with a tail will do

So whatever happened to the [tag]bigfoot[/tag] of [tag]Malaysia[/tag]? It was buzzing in the media a few months back, with some “expert” saying they have proof of their existence and said they’ve been studying the species for a few years. They even claimed that there was a community of bigfoot (read: satu kampung), not just a few.

Finally, I thought, a good reason that can make our country famous for the right reason and propel Malaysia to the top destination of tourists worldwide. tick tick tick… Errr.. where’s the beef?

Still no news about the bigfoot but in The Star today, someone found a [tag]toad[/tag] with a 40-cm tail. Okay that will *wow* me for a while.

toad with tail

Link : News Story


  1. Ed says:

    errrrrrr macam mutation saja tu ….

  2. cicak says:

    Eeek! is this the creature from that Korean movie, “The Host”?