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Gmail Tip : Save your file and retrieve it on another PC

This is a quick and easy way to save your file with Gmail. I know you can do this with some 3rd party application but this is a “legal” and quick way to do it.

This happened to me when I was at a friend’s PC and I wanted to copy a file to my home computer. So I fired up his browser, logged into Gmail and compose a message.

GMail has a feature that automatically saves your message in the drafts folder. When you attach a file into your composed message, that file will be automatically saved when Gmail saves the message.

So, how to do this exactly? In your GMail, click on Compose message and attach a file to it. Browse and select a file to save. I think you can save up to 10MB in size.

gmail tip

After that, just wait to give Gmail the chance to save it. The bigger your file, the longer you have to wait.

gmail tip

After a while, the file will be uploaded and saved together with your message.

Now, when you need to retrieve this file in another PC, just log into your GMail, go into the drafts folder and open the message. Click on the attached file to download it.

Then you can discard the email.

So that’s how you can take of this feature to upload your file and retrieve it later at another PC. Simple and easy.

Of course, you can send the email to yourself in the first place but I use the drafts folder as I can re-edit the notes in the email.

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  1. mimi says:

    1. hehehh… ya, sya pun slalu buat gini tau. i even backup my blog and store it in the drafts folder :-D

    2. sorry laaa… lama inda ‘tervisit’ blog ko. sya ingat salah blog tadi :-D


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