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Cute yet horrible singer

It has been a long time since I posted any [tag]videos[/tag] here so here’s one to cool you down.. you know all these tajuddin talk can get to you sometimes.

You know what’s the sad part? I don’t think she even knows how bad she is. At first you thought, probably the headphone disturbed her tone inside her head but nooooo… she’s still bad even without it and doing accapella!

She should go out on a date with William Hung – no wait! NO! They might do a duet! Okay, now that’s a nightmare.

via GVOD.

[tag]asian, singer, funny[/tag]

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  1. Joyce says:

    OMG…she thinks she’s Mariah Carey. So Kasian…
    maybe she just tone deaf.

  2. flanegan says:

    OH MY GAWD…..
    Remind me the Wah Lai Toi Drama…
    Lou Poh Chai…


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