Gum that cleans your teeth

Wow.. it has to happen sooner or later. Time is so precious that even now we are trying to skip brushing our teeth.

Well actually, this product came about to enable soldiers continue doing what they were doing (like killing people) without having to stop and clean their teeth. But seriously, if you are out there killing people, who’d give a damn about your teeth? Making them pearly white will only make you more visible to the enemies in the dark.

I can imagine the tv commercial now, soldiers in the midst of shooting randomly at an area supposedly full of enemies, but children and mothers are falling down like dominoes in the middle. Then one soldier stop, take this gum and put it in his mouth and says “hmmmm… , they’re simply refreshing! makes me want to continue killing!”. *bang bang bang*.

Did I over did it? :P

Okay, so maybe this product is a must have for those who travel a lot or those who are lazy to brush their teeth. I’m a convinced buyer already.

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