Who is this Tajuddin?

Okay I’m not trying kick up any fuss over religion matters but it seems that this Uztaz Tajuddin is doing more harm than good.

This Uztaz claimed to be the ex-head of all Catholics in Sabah, which realistically, he claimed to be an ex-Bishop by the name of Thomas Laiden and has converted to Muslim after discovering many errors in the Church.

Oh man. Actually I came across this article a few years back, in 2002 I think but never gave much thought about it since he was lying, how far does he think he can go based on a lie? Well, its 2006 now and Bishop John Lee recently issued a statement to the press, rejecting this guy’s claim and also, denying he was ever a priest, let alone “ketua paderi2 di Sabah”.

So I did a searched on the internet and was apalled that this lie is still going around and many Muslims were of-course overjoyed by this news as this was posted on forums and blogs, but sadly it’s all based on this man’s lie.

I mean, ya lah, people convert everyday, some into Muslims, some into Christianity, (and maybe the youngsters into Black metal ;)) ) but to make big of your conversion by telling lies is a low-down.

What’s more surprising, my search didn’t show many pages denying this lie! So I just have to publish this since I am a strong Catholic, I know my faith and I want to defend my faith.

Anyway, there’s this longgg article by tajuddin, in it he argued many Catholic doctrines, including “the drinking of the Holy Water during baptism” =)) . I don’t know which church he has been attending to – not only Catholics do this but all Christian churches, we baptise by immersing the body in water but not by drinking.

To Uztaz Tajuddin, please stop your lies. It will make your conversion even more less-credible.

Here are some links rejecting this man’s claim.
Ustaz Tajuddin Othman Abdullah Benarkah apa yang dikatakan?

Bishop John Lee’s Press Statement
The Catholic Church in Sabah is deeply saddened by the malicious action of one so-called Ustaz Tajuddin Othman Abdullah who claimed to be a former Catholic priest by the name of Thomas Laiden serving in St. Mary’s Church in 1988. He also claimed to be currently attached to the so-called Unit Kristianologi of the Majlis Agama Islam Melaka.

For the information of the public, there is no such priest by the name of Thomas Laiden in the Catholic Church in Sabah. Whoever the individual is, his deceitful way of attacking the Church simply portrays a total ignorance and misinterpretation of the Catholic teachings.

We deplore the underhanded tactics used by the said bigot. His action would definitely not contribute to the harmonious setting of a multi-racial and multi-religious nation like ours.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Datuk John Lee, D.D.
Bishop of Kota Kinabalu
23 March 2006

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  1. DocJj says:

    Mr. Badak… I have read that article too…years ago and just recently too… enventhough I am not a Catholic but I am a Christian…and this so called ‘Ustaz who know who’ doesn’t even know the Kitab Injil he is quoting… shame on him for using this means of… really…. really…. ummss(better not say it). Let us forgive those who are ignorant and only ignorant individual will beleive in what he wrote(lie). THE TRUTH WILL SEE HIM(AND THE READERS)FREE!!!

  2. tagaas says:

    Like you am Catholic too….and greatly shocked by these lies by the so called Ust Tajuddin. Think he’s just looking for dirty-cheap publicity and gain something from it. Well…you know la here in Malaysia…some became rich for willingly betraying the very religion that promises salvation. Claiming that this foolish Ust Tajuddin was a bishop is really CHEAP!!! Must be a real FAKE!!! And those who believe him must be naive and just as STUPID!!!
    Mr. “Tajuddin” …be aware that HELL is waiting for you when JUDGEMENT DAY arrives. So…shower yourself with CHEAP GAINS while you can!!!

  3. Flocy says:

    Obvious this tahijuddin is cari pasal only. A real educated and holy man will never do such a thing. Kasihan tahijuddin, with that kind of attitude, this man is already disrespectable. He’s is not qualified to believe in any religions. Rejected soul!

  4. Ballerina says:

    Oh well… big liar..

  5. aria says:

    Well! What needs to be done regarding this ‘Tajuddin’ is to rebut his story point by point. This rebuttal need to be done by a catholic
    scholar and published in all the websites and blogs where his story appeared. It should be done both in Bahasa Malaysia and English to enable a wider cross section of Malaysians to get the right picture about catholics and the catholic faith.

  6. aria says:

    Sorry, I didn’t know there was already a rebuttal made. Until I read the response made by catholic scholars above in Bahasa Malaysia. It’s a good rebuttal. And the other thing that could be done is to invite ‘Tajuddin’ to have a dialogue with catholic scholars so that he will get a better understanding of the catholic faith and its practices.If he responds,it shows he is indeed a real person. Otherwise, this indicates that it is just something fictitious done by a ghost writer to tarnish the image of the catholic church. And any magazines/periodicals etc. publishing such a story should retract and apologise or face legal action.

  7. counter-terrorist says:

    sepa tajuddin o?
    lets ask him to eat xxx…if he dare…..
    pretender la him…..

  8. james says:

    ada orang buat website untuk counter ni urang punya claim lagi


    lama punya cerita suda bah ni

  9. whatever says:

    I pity this guy. Does Islam encourage lying? I don’t think so. Obviously God is not even on his side.

  10. toninipot says:

    hi there ! I think this story recently resurfaced due to the number of murtad cases in the news. I have been browsing the net for conversion to catholicism stories and found it pretty interesting. Please check out too http://www.catholic.com if you ever needed to defend your religion.

  11. epeen says:

    Tahijudin is just a person who is so desperate for publicity. Sorry it doesn’t work in Sabah, all the genuine Sabahans regardless of race and beliefs don’t side him. Poor him, must be lonely.

  12. Saya menjemput saudara melawat blog saya di http://katolik.wordpress.com. Jika ada komen, ia adalah dialu-alukan. Terima kasih.

  13. Jimmy says:

    This is called BLIND FAITH…he urged people ti believe but whoever is believe is pity…weak…silly…

  14. imran says:

    I am a MUslim and I hate liars like Tajuddin. He actually uses this kind of stories to gather money from ignorant Muslims.

  15. Kay Kastum says:

    Hmm I never came across this stuff. Very interesting. Guess people who are desperate do desperate things. He could at least study the Catholic ways if he really want to pull something off.. :D
    BTW, the second link about folks who rejected the man’s claim is no longer working.

  16. tira says:

    erm..i have somthg to say..
    but.. please be an open minded person ya.

    before dat, may i know what are the lies u are talking about?
    you all said dat he telling lies, i just wonder, wht are the lies?
    other than the thing that u all doubt about his christianity?

    erm..for me.. it is very easy to eliminate a name dat u thing it might cause bad for you right..
    like..when u are over with someone..it’s such an easy thing to do, just eliminate all his name,
    it’s easy to give a statement that dis person doesn’t exist like the way bishop did.
    just delete all his profile thing, and give a statement dat he doesn’t exist and never be a priest before. it is too easy to do so..

  17. mrbadak says:

    Hi tira, thanks for your comment. Well, most of us here are of course are debating this so called ex-bishop and not the contents of his “expose”. If we all know he’s lying, why would we even bother to look into his arguments about catholicism?

    Let’s put it this way – if a certain man name Abu Bakar said he’s the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, and he says that he’s ashamed to be a Malaysian because of 10 reasons which you can read over on his blog – would you go and read it? Of course no! Why? Because who the hell is Abu Bakar and when did he became our PM? Same thing with Tajuddin – or shall I say Thomas Laiden?

    FYI – Bishop is not a priest and in Sabah there are only 3 bishops now, 15 years ago there are only 2, 25 years ago there is only 1, this is because the appoinment of bishops must be directly approved by the vatican. So every catholics would know the bishop from his area as there would be announcement in the church and the bulletins. And fact – there was no bishop by the name of Thomas Laiden.

    Even if the current bishop erases his records, he cannot erase people’s memories.

    Okay now let’s go into this Tajuddin’s “fact” – the lies that he’s proclaiming. I would only quote one as I think it is the clearest spot-on mistake. He’d say that catholics need to drink the Holy Water as their sacrament of baptism.

    Even a 10 year old kid going to church would know that people get baptised by immersing him or herself in the Holy water and never in my catholics life have I ever been asked to drink or see anyone else drink the Holy Water. It is sprinkled to bless people or objects.

    Tajuddin also said a muslim in Sgor converted to Christian straight away after drinking Holy Water – if that is true, I think we’ve just found a solution to every humankind war. Force everyone to drink to make everyone a Christian and there would be no more religion-related war or hatred hehe.

    How can a bishop make this grave mistake? Because not only is he a bishop but he is not even a catholic! And that is the lie that he’s spreading about.

    And no, I don’t want to waste my time to go through his other baseless and idiotic theory.

  18. lois fs says:

    lama suda ini serita, tapi perkara spt ini sepatutnya tidak berlaku apatah lg artikel tersebut disebarkan kpd kanak2 sekolah rendah. di mana perpaduan yg dilaung-laungkan? kononnya masyarakat malaysia hidup harmoni tdk kira agama dan bangsa. tergamak jg ini org menulis spt ini.. cubalah cari kerja yg berfaedah sikit dan tidak mengakibatkan kemarahan dan menyinggung orang lain, dan tidak mengakibatkan dosa…

  19. sapat&koruk says:

    Butul itu lois fs. Sia kristian jg, katolik lagi. Sia tau jg aturan di gereja w/pun tidak byk tapi apa yg kana tulis oleh itu urang tidak ngam. Dia bilang, dia suluk dari Sabah. Atukoii…sia tidak parnah dangar pula ada Suluk pigi gereja apalagi keluarga si tukang tulis kunu kuat sambayang di gereja. Butul ka? Sorilah kalau sia ni sala tapi di kwsn KK dan sewaktu dgnnya, tiada Suluk pigi gereja, kecuali kalau gereja kana bikin, ada la barangkali diurang tulung simin-simin. Karaja kuntirik lah ba itu…apapun, jgn la kita marah banyak2. Sikit sajalah.. kita ini jenis COOL… kwn2 muslim, jgn kamu pisaya dia tu. Ada motip dia tipu tu. Minta peratian mengkali.

  20. miggy says:

    haih… no point of argueing over a piss of rotten meat…
    at the end of the day we meet God..
    and let him do His JUDGEMENT well..
    and lets pray that this tajjudin guy one day end up preaching the glory of God and giving an open testimony and apology…
    and those yg mo convert sini convert sana.. LU PIKIR LAH SENDIRI

  21. bebek says:

    orang macam tu senang saja – ikat dia di peluru berpandu Tomahawk dan lancarkan ke lautan atlantik!!!