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Malaysian crooks too clever made an entry about Clickbank not accepting users from Malaysia due to large amount of frauds coming in from this country. It seems that technology is not that advanced yet that just because of a few crooks, the whole country is blanketed.

FYI, Clickbank is the payment gateway for some of the biggest affiliate memberships on the internet.

Just the other day, I caught on the news that 3 Malaysians were caught with fake magnetic credit cards. Their modus operandi was they purchased products from europe, bring it back and sell it off cheap.

They can’t do this here since we are already using chip-based credit card. Does that mean our crooks is smarter than those from other countries?

No wonder they aren’t accepting Malaysians’ online money.

Anyway, Liew sent an email to Clickbank to inquire about the ban and ironically I also did the same, but to a different company. On the 15th of March, I sent an email to, an off-shore company based in Labuan that offers web hosting but they aren’t accepting orders from Malaysia.

I wasn’t interested in their products since I’m happy with Exabytes but I just want to know their reasons for it.

This is their reply

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for writing to us.

We are an offshore company that based in Labuan, Malaysia.

Due to legal issue, we are not allow to serve any local customers. We only provide services for foreign countries such as US, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, and others from the rest of the world except Malaysia.

Hope this is clear.


Hehe… well legal issues. At least not because of frauds.. or is it?

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  1. Ed says:

    tu yang terrer bikin MyKad tu lagilah …..

  2. LcF says:

    thanks for the link.

    …and others from the rest of the world except Malaysia.

    That’s cruel…


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