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coding-wise, i’m *gulp*… a girl

when i do my coding, i like them to be neat and readale cuz I always thought of what other people/programmers will think of me when they see my code. all those curly brackets for if-then-else must be vertically aligned.. I even re-write my comments many times in the code as if i’m writing a speech.

that is why i must disable ‘word wrap’ when i code because the wrapped line always pollute the nice views of the indented codes, i turn them on only when i cannot find the error after scrolling the page horizontally to the right.

well this slight “perfectionism” is called a girly-code, or girl-code.

but i guess most programmers are like that – programming lines are their treasure and their identity – never mind the shaggy hair, sleepy eyes or bulging tummy.. as long as the code is o’right.

this programmer blogs about this. an enjoyable read.

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  1. Ed says:

    aiyak remember my early days learning asp from u la sifu hahahahah, tengok codes web apps mau lagi time masih merangkak hahahahaha


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