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the accidental teenage webcam promoter

A teenager went through a breakup (hmmm my 2nd break-up related post) and cheered herself by playing with the features of her webcam, that can change the appearance of the person by placing glasses, moustache, hats and even change the person into a unicorn, car, shark etc.

Well her 75-second video was viewed by 155,000 people (which i think is more interested in the effects) and gave exposure to the Quickcam Orbit MP by digital toolmaker Logitech.

Because of her first video and the questions that bombarded her, she made a 2nd video that showcase all the other cool things the webcam can do.

Hmmm if I have that webcam, I hope they have a “rhino” template so I can become a mrBadak hehe.

Links : News, Break-up Video, 2nd Video

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