How do the deaf think?

I have a cousin, who’s deaf since birth. She was much younger than me but I don’t know why, when I was little, she likes me so much. Whenever we meet, she would run and hug me. Hehe.

Well we are both grown up now, both of us are married and have kids. She’s in Kunak at the moment and sometimes she would login to Yahoo Messenger and start to chat with me.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what she’s typing and you can’t blame her. If we type, we would unconciously “read” what we type inside our head but what about her? She never heard how the words were pronounced.

For my part, I try to use direct and I don’t use the word “lah”, “bah” or even short form like “pg” for pergi, “mlm” for malam. Hehe.

So this article titled “In what language do deaf people think?” makes an interesting reading. It will give an insight into their world.

Read it here.


  1. Uncle or Jeff?? but i called ur wife too grew up with her..she the one who taught me the deaf sign language..she likes too likes to hug me so tight..i miss her la..pls give my email add and my website add to her..i want to get in touch with her…wei dont forget to check my wed pis in my multiply..ada gambar kamurang tu..i will post more pics again..

  2. elle_sidRek says:

    Hi Jeffry, I just happened to bump into your blog and after reading your blog on kadazan sasat..find it extremely fascinating to know that that despite proclaiming to be a kadazan, one can hardly speak the dialect/language. Dont feeI bad as I am as well of no exception..

    Another blog of yours caught my attention ie. How do deafs think? ..My say is that..Deafs maybe impaired of hearing ability, however, that does not preclude them from understanding languages or sending any messages across perfectly. Unless what you are putting across to readers are of something else which i will not touch further. Based on my own circumstantial evidence , I dare to say that Deafs are better conveyor of information and are of greater intelligence than any normal people.

  3. mrbadak says:

    hi elle, thx for visiting. i need to clear my stand here, i am not saying the deaf has problem conveying their message or that their intelligence is not on par with us…

    my question in my blog was.. how do they “think”? you know.. if computers its in binaries (1 and 0).. if morse code is in the dot dot dooott… and human, well me at least, when i type, i am saying it inside my brain.

    but for the deaf, does that mean they do the sign language inside their head? that was the answer put fwd by the article.

    i know they can convey their points across, sometimes too fast.. just look at 2 ppl communicating in sign languages, even me with a basic lesson in sign languages, i have difficulty in catching up what they are “talking” about.

    hehe.. hope you didnt get the wrong msg and see me as putting them down, which i dont :)

  4. LUCIFER says:

    “Based on my own circumstantial evidence , I dare to say that Deafs are better conveyor of information and are of greater intelligence than any normal people.” – sidRek

    another great “analystic and critical thinking” where is your evidence??? you are the one with intelligence thinking… dont throw a facts without evidence based. i suggest bring on any medicine journal to support this.

  5. LUCIFER says:

    whoooo whoooo critical thinking kunun!!!!!

  6. elle_sidRek says:

    Dear Jeff, thanks for the clarification. Appreciate it. And to our Mr.Lucifer…May I suggest that you flip through Law Dictionary, to be precised, attempt looking for the words “circumstantial evidence”?? I am very certain it does no harm doing a little bit of research in addition to the amount of “intelligence” you have (i beg your pardon, “we have”). AND shall i also suggest that u look into the definition of “comments”? Gather all those together, shall i say “res ipsa loquitor”..? (Mr.Lucifer..”Latin” by any chance??).

    “In the name of Jesus Christ…Amen”