Hello. My name is Mulau bin Burit.

Imagine if your name is like that.. my friend katamata (which basically means “eye say” / “i say”) told me about a person from Nabawan who’s name is Mulau bin Burit. For your information, in local dialect, Mulau means crazy and Burit means buttocks.

I guess he had a tough time at school. Even with my “good” name, people still dig up my dad’s weird name and started to call me that.

For this guy with this unfortunate name, I reckon he has grown up to be a strong person and his ears and heart has built up a good immune system to name calls. True, just call him the worst or sickest name and I’m sure he’ll be saying to you “is that all you’ve got?”. I bet if he uses the same names that has been thrown at him, back to you, you will cry like a baby.

Katamata stated his theory that when the father was named Burit and endured all the tough times, he wanted to “pass” the legacy along by naming his kid Mulau. That’s why you have the double-whammy of Mulau bin Burit.

I wonder what Mulau would name his kid? Kointut? Tonsilot? Hahahahaha (sorry can’t help it).

You know anyone with strange or weird names? Let me know!


  1. nanak says:

    adeh nokuro tu yolo kopio tongo ngaran datilo….osusuai no moti….hilod nopo id dahai yo kampung nga haro moti Lihoh ngaran….obinlihuh dii ie tulun…da kama ie moti todu ku tii hehehe

  2. nanak says:

    di kampung kami ada nama, si suami namanya uduk, si istri dungkak…
    hahahahahahahaha dungkak nama samarannya lungkak

  3. OscarDonavan says:

    hahaha.Hi mr badak .Donavan ni.
    Saya ada juga mau share satu nama dikampung saya di ranau
    Undur bin Gostan ..=)

  4. Cindy says:

    In kelantenese burit maknanya………

  5. Tungau bin Tasu says:

    Hello reader out there if your smart enough to comments other people name and why you all busy about people personal matters that nothing to do about you.

  6. Angel says:

    What about giving your children name like
    Tansri, Datin, kah apa2lah Ada gelaran bah tu bapa.Gelaran yg tak bertauliah lah. Lets say your name is Ali nanti anak ka c nama Tansri. Kan jadi Tansri Ali. Hehehehe

  7. eric says:

    hahahaha.. Lawak betul nama ni.. Entah kenapa yg wujud.. Anu.. Ada kupernah nampak..batman bin suparman..hahahaha paling lawak la..harry kok..wakakaka