Geekiest job vacancy posting

You know, this is like looking for a braille-reader by posting the vacancy details in braille code. A good way to find a good PHP programmer, by posting the job requirements in PHP language. Usually I get interns with their resume listing some language programming as their skills but after reporting for duty, they only know how to do a “Hello world” and will be dumb-struck when given some advanced task. Not everyone though, majority but not everyone.

One of my ex-intern was majoring in electrical but excel in programming and likes to handle linux stuff.. yeah si ed_rief tu haha.

Anyway, read the geekiest PHP vacancy posting here.


  1. Ed_rief says:

    wahhh ada promote sia lah hehehehe

  2. Ed_rief says:

    check code tu hehehehe

    “I’m sorry, but we don’t feel that you’d be the right person for us at this time. We’re a small company and our budget is limited, and requires us to be more selective than we might otherwise be. We wish you all the best in your job search, we know it’s often a difficult and emotional time; we’ve all been there.”

    tu utk rejection later, claim small company tapi chk balik $skillAndExperienceRequirements hullamak macam-macam skill dia mau heheheheh