Jiaja Rocks!

Well I should’ve blogged about this band like 2 weeks ago but forgot – anyway, no harm done, they are in the finals. If you are clueless about this then allow me to tell u.

Jiaja is a 4-piece rock band from Sabah, comprising 2 brothers (Jia & Ja), Karuk and Jim. They are participating in Blast Off Season 2, a reality tv talent search program, just like Akademi Fantasia & Malaysian Idol. Yeah I know – you’d say “oh no, not another way to waste my sms money”.

I’ve seen Jiaja perform only twice, last week and last night. From what I gather so far, last night was their best performance, so good that they topped the rock band category! From my personal review, it was a jaw-dropping performance.

They sang Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s “Give it away” and get this, the drummer was doing the rapping part! Their performance started with “Under the bridge” guitar intro, then went into the up-beat “Give it away”. For their bridge, they played CrazyTown’s Butterfly guitar melody and then back to the main song.

They had the crowd jumping all the way!

Last week, they sang Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chille” on stage (with Aja blowing the sompoton as the song intro!) but unfortunately, most of the crowd were teenagers and never heard of the song before so all of them stood there mummified. However last night they redeemed themselves.

Last night the judge/critics couldn’t stop praising karuk (the drummer) for playing the drums and rapping at the same time. Guess they don’t know that karuk is a local name for a type of fish hehe. Even the hostess pronounce it as “karhooog” – suddenly the name sounded nice.

Actually his name is Valentine – a friend of my nephew. If you attend Sacred Heart’s sunset mass, you will recognise him as the guy playing the drums when Lifeteen is singing for the mass service.

I have a funny story about him – when he attended my nephew’s birthday party a year ago and my wife and me were introduced to him. When he told us his name was Valentine, I said “Ohh your birthdate is on the 14th of Feb?”, he answered no. Then I asked why his name is valentine, he said he has no idea.

Then I asked “when is your birthdate?”. He answered “November” – then I said “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and my wife and me were giggling. Obviously, we knew the answer. Kesian him, he was still puzzled hehe.

Anyway, you can catch repeats of the show at the following times – 5th Feb 2006 (Sun) 8pm, 8th Feb (Wed) 3pm, 9th Feb (Thurs) 10.30pm. You have to watch them! Bangga bahh orang KK baitu!

Their motto is “Don’t be too much… be much more! Bah… Aramai tih!!” hehe.

If you want to catch them during the final, it’s on the 10th Feb on Channel 14 @ 8:30pm.

Some important links :

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  1. havuk says:

    thanx for the credit, mr.B! and nice write-up on karuk… manang ka kalah ka, they’re already a winner ;)

  2. im related to abg ji and abg aja…..they r my coz…dkat sabah lah bah…
    rumah dorang fulamak full of band stuff ada guitar dkat 20 biji pun ada.
    2 set of drums pianos bass guitar…

  3. Murphy says:

    Great band to hear and see with their own unique twist on some great classics.